"Running Free" (The Stallion Kalaglow)

"I admired Kalaglow as a racehorse and when I met his owner, it was suggested that I would I paint him once he went to stud. Stallions are always exciting to paint since they are obviously more physically mature than when racing and appear more powerful. Kalaglow was always a rangy sort of horse and I felt he would look at his best in full flow... I liked the feel of him galloping around a bend and the way he has centred his body.

I felt that by using a low ground line and effects of the strong sunlight on his grey coat (and especially his tail), it made him look really dramatic. I did use some artistic licence to create background. I echoed the horse's movement in the grasses and used the features of the foliage to set him off so that he would really move towards the viewer within the picture."

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