"Ilustre (Andalusian Stallion)"

"As with many of my pictures, the idea for this painting had been in my mind for a long time. Seeing Andalusian horses in Spain years ago, I was naturally attracted to their great beauty, presence and power. These are the horses depicted by so many old masters in portraits of royalty; they were highly sought after for reasons of their own nobility. Naturally, I wanted to paint some too and when I saw the grey stallion Ilustre at Windsor Horse Show I felt that he would be a superb model. I resisted the temptation to paint him moving, full of fire and energy. Instead I chose to paint him as the essence of the Spanish Purebred horse. Although still, he nevertheless exudes all the qualities inherent in his breed: his fine carriage expressing his aristocratic nature.

I decided that he should be seen in an appropriate landscape setting and he is standing in a meadow full of flowers and grasses which coincidentally are to be found in equal profusion in Spain and England. It is late evening on a very hot summer's day and the warm glow spreads across the picture illuminating the horse from behind.".

This picture is available as follows:

Greetings Card
Blank only
Size 'A'
Giclee Print
16 " x 14"

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