"Hadeir (Arabian Stallion)"

How beautiful your paintings are! I'm very interested in your work.
Yukie Sorata (Japan)

"It has long been my intention to incorporate as many as possible of the numerous breeds of horses in my pictures, especially since I love them all! For ages I wanted to paint an Arab Stallion, by so doing expressing their exquisite grace aand beauty of movement. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to use Hadeir as a model. He was a National Champion and he simply floated around before me with total ease and economy of effort - his beautiful paces being so natural to him, especially his trot.

I decided that he should be painted thus and chose the moment of suspension to express lightness. Due to his glorious rich chestnut setting I felt that an autumn setting would show him off to graetest effect. I found a wonderful old chestnut tree in one of the paddocks and used that in the background. This is a simple painting but I hope you find it effective.".

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