"Rarin' to Go"

Magnifique, votre travail est tout simplement merveilleux. Quel tallent... Merci!
Pierrelle Fabrice (France)

"Desert Orchid was one of the UK's most outstanding equine heroes from any sphere since the war. His performances over National Hunt courses were often breathtaking because of his spectacular jumping and his devil may care attitude. He was also extremely brave and the public adored him (and still do even in his retirement).

It was Desert Orchid's first outing of that particular season and like many others, I went to Wincanton to watch him. I decided that rather than stay in the crowded stands I would walk down to the start to see him at close quarters and then I would stand by a fence during the race. "Dessie" was always rather exciting going down to the start, frequently taking an extremely strong hold. This being his first race of the season, meant that he was particularly 'fresh' and Simon Sherwood had some difficulty in pulling him up.

As he came near to me, with the low winter sun behind him, he became quite 'lit up' as if edged with silver. I thought how marvellous he looked and decided to paint him like that with the soft wintry countryside in the background and against the sky full of silvery clouds. He looked almost ethereal......."

This picture is available as follows:

Limited Edition Print
19 ins x 14 ins
48 cms x 35 cms
Greetings Card
Blank Only
Size 'A'

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